Flex Power Modules boosts portfolio for RFPA applications

Flex Power Modules boosts portfolio for RFPA applications

Flex Power Modules boosts portfolio for RFPA applications. Following on from the as of late presented 750W PKJ4000 arrangement, the PKB-D is a high-thickness converter in the business standard eighth-block organize with a yield of 50V at 5A, and an info voltage scope of  36 to 60V. This makes it reasonable for 50V GaN based RFPA’s and furthermore high voltage LDMOS applications.

Flex Power Modules has propelled the PKB4216HDPI, the most recent model in its arrangement of DC-DC converters went for Radio Frequency Power Amplifier (RFPA) applications in the telecom advertise fragment.

The PKB4216HDPI has a wide yield voltage alteration scope of 40 – 55VDC taking into account simple advancement of the associated RF segment, with commonplace effectiveness topping at 94.5% at 48Vin and full load. Far reaching security is given including short out, over-burden, over-temperature, yield over-voltage, and contribution under-voltage. Start-up into pre-one-sided loads is ensured, and the separation rating is 2250VDC from essential to auxiliary. A remote on/off control is furnished with discretionary positive or negative rationale.

The part is accessible with a baseplate alternative for conduction cooling inside fixed fenced in areas with no wind current, commonplace of RFPA applications. This permits full-control activity at up to 85°C baseplate temperature, and up to 4A/200W yield at 100°C baseplate temperature. The full working temperature go for the gadget is – 40°C to +125°C, with amazing derating qualities.

The half-connect outline of the PKB4216HDPI highlights the most recent PWM controller innovation with an abnormal state of combination for low part check and high unwavering quality. Synchronous correction adds to bleeding edge productivity execution prompting high power thickness and to a great degree high dependability figures of up to 10.68 Mhrs.

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